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Igniting an Entrepreneurial Passion Among Wyandanch Memorial High School Scholars

A group of 12 scholars from Wyandanch Memorial High School met with leaders from and the Wyandanch branch of Chase Bank to bring scholars and business leaders together for a two-day event focusing on entrepreneurship, mentorship, collaboration and learning. 

This unique opportunity was in preparation for the Wyandanch Memorial High School Shark Tank competition which provided participating scholars a platform to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges on May 2. 

"We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship that our scholars have," said Stephanie Sternberg, high school librarian and Shark Tank Competition coordinator. “Providing the Shark Tank competition participants with real-world knowledge and time to speak with business professionals sets the stage for future success in the business world.”

Starting with a visit to the Wyandanch branch of Chase Bank, the scholars explored the financial side of entrepreneurship. The visit focused on budgeting, loans and business finance essentials. 

Next, the scholars participating in the Shark Tank competition met with more than 30 members of the leadership team, including CEO Josh Meyerowitz, who provided the scholars with valuable insights into owning a business. 

“We are so excited to visit with the scholars participating in the Shark Tank competition,” said Meyerowitz. “It is our goal to help you in any way we can, answer your questions, talk to you about the complexities of owning and building a business and inspire you to pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions.”

Shark Tank competition participants were paired with employees who provided personalized mentorship offering insights into business pitches, feedback on their ideas and guidance on refining their presentations prior to the competition. 
Wyandanch Memorial High School is excited to help shape the next generation of business leaders and thanks Chase Bank and for giving their time and insight to the Shark Tank competition participants.