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Wyandanch Memorial High School celebrates Women’s History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, Wyandanch Memorial High School proudly presented a vibrant celebration highlighting the Women of Wyandanch and recognizing the resilience, creativity and contributions of three honorees: Wyandanch graduate and filmmaker Princess A. Hairston, Senator Monica Martinez and Wyandanch Memorial High School teacher Renee Williamson.  

“Celebrating the women of Wyandanch brings a great sense of pride shared by everyone,” Interim Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Arlise Carson said. “The women of Wyandanch are the role models for our scholars and our community.”

The celebration opened with a warm welcome from Wyandanch Memorial High School Assistant Principal Ms. Deven Kane, who promised a dynamic experience featuring performances from the Wyandanch dance teams, choral groups and performances from community organizations that showcased and celebrated women, their stories and how they have helped to shape history.

"We were thrilled to commemorate Women's History Month by hosting our second annual Women’s History Month Celebration,” said Ms. Kane. "This concert is a celebration of strength, resilience, and the profound impact of women's contributions to our society.”

Next to the stage were two dance performances from Layla’s Dance and Drum Studio. The first dance was from the West African people of Baga celebrating mothers and daughters. The second was an upbeat, mesmerizing dance featuring afrobeats and dancing. 

Following was a moving vocal performance by the Wyandanch Memorial High School Lady Vocal Warriors who sang “I’m Here” from “The Color Purple.” 

One of the key highlights of the evening was keynote speaker Princess A. Hairston, filmmaker and graduate of Wyandanch Memorial High School, who delivered an inspiring message about the resilience of women throughout history. 

She remarked, "Women have always been the backbone of society, overcoming adversity with grace and determination. Our resilience knows no bounds, and it is through resilience that we honor the strength and tenacity of women everywhere."

Following Ms. Hairston’s message, High School Principal Mr. Paul Sibblies recognized the three honorees; Ms. Hairstron, Senator Monica Martinez and Wyandanch teacher Renee Williamson, by presenting them with a commemorative plaque for their dedication to the Wyandanch community in honor of Women’s History Month. 

The vibrant and expressive dances of the Wyandanch Memorial High School XClusive Dance Team and Motion Moves Dance Team showcased intricate choreography and exhilarating music as they paid tribute to trailblazing women. 

As the grand finale of the evening, Wyandanch’s DJ Grandma took the stage for a special closing performance celebrating women in hip hop. DJ Grandma brought the crowd to their feet and welcomed staff and scholars from the performance to join the stage with her. Special thanks to all who attended and participated in this celebration of women's history and culture.