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Wyandanch Memorial High School JROTC recognized by Board of Education

The Wyandanch Memorial High School JROTC was recognized by the district’s Board of Education for winning first place in five different challenges in the Commander’s Cup.

After presenting the colors to the board and those in attendance at the meeting, the JROTC teams were presented with certificates by Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gina Talbert who celebrated the success of the JROTC and their wins at the event.

“Our JROTC team has accomplished amazing and phenomenal feats. They have been sharpening their leadership practices and good decision-making skills toward a career path that will be fruitful, meaningful and significant in their future choices,” said Dr. Talbert. “Their participation and success in the Commander’s Cup are proof that if you keep your focus, are committed and continue to work hard, the best is truly yet to come.”

The Commander’s Cup was hosted at Hempstead High School with several JROTC teams from across Long Island competing. Wyandanch Memorial High School’s JROTC Team received trophies for the following events: Push-ups (female team), Power Throw (female team), and Power Throw (male team). Additionally, cadet Monica Blanco Escobar earned the top score in push-ups and cadet Justin Henry earned the top score in the Spring-Drag-Carry event.

Wyandanch Memorial High School JROTC

Wyandanch Memorial High School JROTC