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District Welcomes Scholars to a New School Year

On Sept. 9, the district welcomed scholars to a new school year filled with exciting opportunities to learn and succeed.

As the buses rolled up to Wyandanch Memorial High School, students were greeted by district administrators, High School Principal Mr. Paul Sibblies, building administrators and staff. All health and safety protocols were adhered to as students entered the high school. Once inside, they were offered either a free backpack or tote bag generously donated by the high school principal. Members of the National Honor Society were available to answer questions and to direct scholars to their homerooms, while members of the Kappa League were collecting student donations to assist in the Haiti Relief effort.

At Milton L. Olive Middle School, the arriving scholars were treated like celebrities. As they entered the school, upbeat music could be heard and they were directed to walk down a red carpet in the cafeteria where they were given a free breakfast and a swag bag filled with school supplies and a healthy snack bar. The school’s theme for this year is Cultivate Kindness and each month a different area of the school will be decorated to encourage students to be kind to themselves and to others.

The young elementary school scholars were all smiles behind their masks as they were warmly greeted by administrators, building principals and staff who made sure they were escorted to their homerooms before starting the first day of the new school year.

The kindergarten scholars and future members of the Class of 2034 quickly settled in and participated in several activities designed to make them feel comfortable in their new learning environment.

It was a great start to what is sure to be a successful year of learning and achieving.