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Students from Wyandanch, Sayville schools come together to bridge racial divide

WYANDANCH – Wyandanch Memorial High School welcomes students from Sayville on Thursday for a day aimed at bridging the racial divide. 

After a welcome ceremony, students were put in groups for ice-breaker activities and then went to classes together to collaborate on math and science problems.

“This is a predominantly white school coming to a predominantly black school, it’s like unity, just to bring everybody back together,” said Eric Dennis, a senior at Wyandanch Memorial High School.

Sayville had previously hosted a similar event, to great success.

“Obviously, in the beginning they did not know each other but as the day went on they built such a strong relationship that at the end of the program, it was a challenge to get them to leave,” said Paul Sibblies, Principal of Wyandanch Memorial High School.

Students who participated said they hope to continue the collaborations to keep bringing people together.