Safety and Security

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  • The Wyandanch Office of Community Schools serves the Wyandanch School District by functioning as the coordinating and management office for several program and grants. To comply with the conditions outlined for the grants, the Community Safety Coordinator attends mandatory meetings, special events and training sessions that are required for each grant or program coordinated by the office. The office staff also is responsible for the coordination and video taping of district-wide special events; serving on and /or developing district and community planning committees; developing training for staff hired through grants; providing staff support in each school on an “as needed” basis, coordinating and providing staff support to the Wyandanch High School Students as outlined in each grant proposal and maintaining records documenting grant and program compliance.

    Wyandanch School District Safety Plan
    A Safety Plan includes several elements which are outlined in the Student Handbook, Emergency Plans and Procedures, Safety Drills and Discipline Plans for each school. The District Safety Plan involves coordination of many elements within the School District. A coordinated effort ensures that key stake holders, including administrators, teaching staff, parents, students and community members, work together to devise and implement a plan that is designed to meet the specific needs of the Wyandanch School District and individuals in the District. This will ensure a safer environment for all of the stake holders. The implementation of a school safety plans in each school falls under the direct supervision of the building principal. Emergency flip charts are furnished in each classroom within the District. Policy manuals are also provided to building administrators. In January 1999, the district implemented an in-school suspension program at the High School.

  • Mr. Joshua Okpala
    Director of Safety and Security
    54 South 32nd Street

    Wyandanch, NY 11798
    Tel: (631) 870-0515