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Pupil Personnel Services

  • Pupil Services staff (school counselors, psychologist, social workers, attendance teachers and nurses) are dedicated to  supporting the health and safety of all students.  Some of our goals are:

    • Assist students and their parents in accessing the educational system.
    • Collaboration between school personnel, parents and administrators
    • Implementation of systems that are desinged to meet individual needs.
    • Serve as liaisons between the school and the home.
    • Facilitate community supports for students and their families.
    • Provide health and welfare services.
    • Open doors to the paths to graduation and post secondary life.
    • Implementation of 'The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
    • Positive Behavioral Supports and Intervention (PBIS) 
    • Drug & Alcohol prevention and intervention.
    • Provide supports for social and emotional development.
    • Effective Instructional Support Teams.