• Achievement is commensurate with attendance.  All students are encourged to attend school daily and to be on time unless they are ill or have some other extenuating circumstance. Absences will be recorded as illegal unless the parent provides a written explanation that meets the criteria for a legal absence. Wyandanch Union Free School District designs and implements attendance policies and programs that monitor, encourage, and reward student attendance using available resources. Improving attendance is part of a the District's comprehensive plan to improve student achievement.  Please see the link on the right for the District's Attendance Policy. 

    Chronic Absence and Truancy

    Chronic absence is closely associated with poor performance in reading, math, graduation rates and college completion.  Chronic absence is missed instructional time which includes unexcused and excused absences, as opposed to truancy that equates with only unexcused absences.  Parents who have children that are either chronically absent or truant are encouraged to contact the school social worker, school psychologist or school counselor for assistance.

    Mrs. Laure Rogdriguez
    MLK/ LFH Elementary School
    Tel: (631) 870-0555

    Mrs. Zondra Outlaw
    MLO Middle School
    Tel: (631) 870-0525