Wyandanch Union Free School District Central Admin building.

Board of Education

  • Wyandanch UFSD Vision Statement, 
    Adopted by the Board of Education, January 17, 2005     

    When the children of Wyandanch depart the halls of each level of our institutions, they will be scholarly, imaginative, confident, competent and empowered change agents for the 21st Century and beyond.  They will possess a profound sense and command of their history, an expert proficiency in oral and written communication, the essential skills in mathematics and computer sciences, a comprehensive understanding of morals and ethics, a passion and love for literature and the arts and a fervent desire to be of service to mankind.  Our schools will have met their physical, emotional, social and academic needs so that they will want to attend the most prestigious colleges and universities in America.  They will become builders and titans, revolutionaries, artists, scientists, entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs.  They will not just exist in the world.  They will forever change it!

    Board of Education Trustees meetings are scheduled monthly. Discussion meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month and scheduled voting meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month. These meetings are held at the Central Administration Building, 1445 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd., Wyandanch, NY 11798, starting at 7:00 PM. The location of these meetings are subject to change. Notices are posted at: Central Administration Building Public Bulletin Board, Wyandanch Public Library, Wyandanch Post Office, Martin L. King Jr. Health Center, M&A Supermarket, Senior Nutrition Center, Chase Bank and local churches. For more info. please contact Jessica Reed, District Clerk at 631-870-0405 or via email jreed@wufsd.net.