• Summer Reading 2020

    Summer Learning: Well Read and Well Fed

    Well Read Well Fed

    Continuing good reading habits over the summer positions scholars to succeed in the coming school year and can even put them ahead of their classmates. Research shows that students who read four or more books over the summer score higher on reading tests in the fall than their classmates who read one or no books over the summer.

    Keeping reading skills sharp year-round is especially important for academic success. The best way to do that is to dive into books that are high-interest and provide an exciting reading experience for the student. Scholars need time to explore all the benefits recreational reading has to offer. Summer allows for students to take ownership of the reading process and read on their own terms. The more casual nature of summer reading lets scholars blossom into lifelong readers and learners.

    The Wyandanch Union Free School District is committed to helping our students be well-read this summer. District Chromebooks will remain in scholars’ hands throughout the summer to allow access to electronic books at the Wyandanch Public Library. Information about grade-level books, summer reading assignments, and how to access them can be found to the right. If you have plans to withdraw from the district before the school year begins, please contact your building principal via email to make arrangements to return your child’s device.

    Having access to food in the summer is critical to scholar’s health, well-being, and academic success. On an average school day, more than one million students eat healthy school lunches; however, only 30% have access to summer nutrition programs. In many Long Island communities, these meals reach even fewer students in eligible areas.

    The Wyandanch Union Free School District is participating with federal and local organizations and the public library to raise awareness of the importance of being both well-fed and well-read. 

    Wyandanch UFSD Child Nutrition Services has partnered with the USDA to provide Grab and Go breakfast and lunches throughout the summer. More information regarding dates and times can be found to the right. We have also partnered with Island Harvest to ensure families have fresh foods on Mondays. These will be available during meal distribution times daily.

    We will continue to update this site with additional information and support as it becomes available. Have a safe and healthy summer. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall!

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